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Pickens Self Storage

About Itsepalveluvarasto Holvi
Itsepalveluvarasto Holvi is Finnish for ‘self-storage vault’. They are the first purpose-built modern self-storage facility in the Turku area of Finland (around 160 kilometres/99 miles west of the capital Helsinki) and we provided them with advice on self-storage and our self-storage partitions, hallway panels and doors after designing an optimised space mix for them. You can find more information about Itsepalveluvarasto Holvi at
What client have to say
We were very happy with the overall experience dealing with Steel Storage. The quality of their products has met our expectations and all issues have been dealt with promptly in a friendly and professional manner. We would definitely recommend Steel Storage and hope to do business with them in the future.
Site specifications
  • Gross floor area for all 3 sites: ca. 25,800m2 (ca. 277,700ft2)
  • Number of unit for all 3 sites: ca. 3,800
  • Phases:
    • Berlin Lichtenberg: 2
    • Berlin Tempelhof: 3
    • Hamburg Groß Borstel: pending
    • Hamburg Wandsbek: 1
Products and services used
Consultancy services :
  • Architectural design (space mix)
  • Project management
  • Walls and partitions
  • Green swing and roller doors in all parts of the facilities except the wine-storage areas, which have swing doors with a wood-grain plastisol finish
  • Steel Storage slide latch and recessed door lock
  • Lockers
  • Wine storage - climate-controlled environment (Lichtenberg and Wandsbek only)
Product supply and fit-out
Special features
  • Berlin-Tempelhof became the blueprint for all new Pickens facilities around Germany. It comprises a purpose-built, modern self-storage facility with storage space on 6 floors. Unit sizes range from 1m² to 20m².
  • The facility in Hamburg Wandsbek offers something new and unique to Germany: wine storage.
  • The wine-storage units are contained in a separate area that maintains a consistent temperature and humidity. Unit sizes range from small lockers to walk-in storage, all of them equipped with sturdy shelves.
  • Security: each unit is equipped with motion sensor and CCTVs are located inside and outside the facilities.
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