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As of 1st January 2019, Steel Storage Europe changed its company name to Janus International Europe Ltd

Urs Kalberer

This former army warehouse in Uznach, Switzerland, was the perfect building to convert into a modern self-storage facility. The client was a little worried about location, but when your nearest competitor is 50 kilometres west of you in Zurich people who need storage in your area are bound to find you. A catchy name with a wonderful double meaning and great branding did the rest. This is why they were ready to expand after just one year in operation and we were there every step of the way.[Zeug-Haus] = house for stuff [Zeughaus] = Armory – a nice reference to the building’s original purpose
What client have to say
We'd owned a former army warehouse for some years, but sensed there was a high demand for individual storage with much smaller unit sizes. In 2010 we came up with the idea to convert our building into a high-quality self-storage facility. We decided to build that facility outside a major metropolitan area, thus heading into uncharted territory where location was concerned. We searched for a reliable partner for the installation of a suitable self-storage system and we quickly found Steel Storage Europe.Shortly after our first contact with them we received a carefully worked out offer at the end of 2010, which incorporated all aspects regarding our specific project. The first phase of our project became reality in June 2010 and we opened our self-storage business with about 150 units. After a period of just over a year it became apparent exactly which self-storage unit sizes were most in demand. To maintain an adequate supply of a variety in unit sizes, we completed a second construction phase thereby expanding our facility by a further 100 or so units designed with our specific storage demand in mind. Especially here Steel Storage's experience and professional approach came to the fore: the development of our extension project was achieved in a very short timeframe which subsequently led to the perfect implementation of our expansion plans.
Site specifications
  • Gross floor area: ca. 2,500m2 (ca. 26,900ft2) over 4 floors
  • Number of units: ca. 230
  • Phases: 2
Products and services used
Consultancy services :
  • Architectural design (space mix)
  • Project management
  • Walls and partitions
  • Doors (swing doors, roller doors)
  • Recessed door lock
  • 1m3 Lockers
  • PTI’s access control and security system
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